Flagpoles Have Been Around For Centuries

Here are the types of Flagpoles

If you are in the market for a flagpole, we have a few tips and guidelines that will help you to understand the different types of flagpoles.

Aluminium flagpoles

Aluminium flagpoles have lightweight which makes them easy to use anywhere in the world. The cost of aluminium doesn’t alter whether for indoor or outdoor usage. Aluminium flagpoles are inexpensive and allow you to fix your flag with ease and without much fuss.

Fibreglass flags have a high quality, they can withstand fierce winds and high temperatures, and they don’t crack, however, the fibreglass material is brittle so you must make sure to protect the pole from hitting anything. Fibreglass poles are available in different colours according to your preference. Fibreglass pole does wonder in extremely hot areas and is widely used on cars, boats, outdoor structures and many other places because of their durability.

PVC Flagpoles

PVC is widely used in flagpoles, as it’s light in weight, cheap and durable. It can be fixed once installed and it also has the ability to withstand strong winds. PVC flagpoles have a bright white colour and are widely used on billboards or outdoor signs.

Brass flagpoles are expensive, but they are made of a very durable material which can withstand high temperatures and is excellent at holding wind. The brass flagpole is used for both indoor and outdoor flags. The design of the pole has an ornamental shape to it, which makes the flagpole look more attractive. This can be used both inside and outside homes because of its durability and resistance to wear and tear. Brass flagpoles are available in different colours according to your preference.


Iron poles look more glamorous than most other flagpoles, as well as being colourful, sturdy and resistant to corrosion. They make gorgeous decorative features on houses, warehouses or even boats. They are beautiful, colourful and quite sturdy.

Wooden flagpoles are warm to look at, sleek and easy to use. However, these flagpoles must be treated with a protective sealant because if left untreated they will start deteriorating and will rot after a little time due to excessive wetting.

Wooden flagpoles

Wooden flagpoles can be easily fixed wherever it is needed. These poles don’t weigh much and aren’t prone to rust which helps in their durability.

Glass bars

Glass bars are the most exquisite type of flag as well as being expensive poles. They can also handle high winds.

Glass Flags

Glass flags have glass rods protecting them from breaking while they are hoisted in the air.

Glass flagpoles look very beautiful

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The glass rods are flexible and can be bent in any direction. This makes the flagpoles a bit more flexible than usual wooden ones. Glass flagpoles look very beautiful and elegant. They can be used indoors or outdoors.

All the flagpoles have their own benefits and disadvantages. We have discussed the best types of flagpoles that are liked by many people all over the world, you can find them on our website. These poles can be fixed easily wherever it is necessary, they are long-lasting, durable and are as well as attractive in design, easy to maintain and they can handle high winds.

Looking for a more traditional design

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